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Welcome to SQILD - Institute for Sustainable Development, Quality and Leadership!

The Institute promotes knowledge and practical development based on the sustainable development of the world, society, organizations and people.

In a time of transition in which globalization, population growth and rapid change of terms and conditions in all parts of society, sustainable development is both a necessity and a great opportunity to find solutions to today's and tomorrow's challenges.

Our focus is to practically and concretely translate these opportunities to activities and actions in daily life. Through small steps and constant improvements we are building a better future!
We are experts on gender equality and gender mainstreaming. You are the experts on your own business. Together, we can develop your organization and create a better world.
We gathered in SQILD all have extensive expertise and many years of practical experience working with gender equality and gender mainstreaming. We provide a qualified support for successful change management in both the state, county, municipality and private companies.

We will help you:
- Navigate and find out what needs to be done
- Connect other factors such as sustainability, equality and diversity at work
- Focus and define the activities
- Implement with the support of proven methods and tools, integrated into the regular steering and management.

Contact us for a conversation about strategy and practice!